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Deborah Sayson

Director of Creativity, Production, and Design

Hi game-player!


My name is Deborah Sayson, but most people call me Debbie. I met my business partner, Jacob, as a young boy, having known his dad for many years. I was blessed to become close to the whole family and feel honored to have witnessed him grow up to become truly a one-of-a-kind individual.


Over the last year, we have worked on many creative projects as gifts for various family members and learned quickly how well we work together and complement each other's God-given gifts. He is unbelievably organized, disciplined, responsible, loves challenges, is creative, and best of all, he is a young man of God.


For my 50th birthday, I made a list of 50 things I wanted to accomplish while I am 50 years old. One of them was to invent something. My first plan didn't go the way I had hoped, so I went on to the next one. A game. This wasn't just any game...this was special. My late husband, Jerome Sayson, and I had come up with the concept many moons ago but never had time to actually create it. It was called What's That? I thought of how perfect it would be to partner up with Jacob in this wonderful journey, and he was 100% on board. Since then, we have brainstormed and tweaked the original one into this fabulously fun game of trivia with a twist!


We milled over a few options for the name of our company but kept coming back to DJ Games. It was ideal because the D is for Debbie, the J for Jacob...and Jerome. The logo was a little more challenging until we talked about who we are. With similar views of life, we almost said it in unison. God, Family, Country, Friends, Play! It's perfect!


We have put God first throughout this entire process and it has brought us so much joy and laughter that we hope you experience as well while playing with your family and friends!


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We appreciate your interest and support!

Jacob Clifton

Director of Business, Finance, and Marketing

Hello trivia-playing friend!


You may be wondering how DJ Games came to be. Here’s my side of the story, summed up in a few paragraphs! I met Debbie, a longtime friend of my dad’s when I was 10 years old, and we’ve been close since the day we met. My dad and Debbie had lost touch years back but reconnected after the tragic loss of her husband, Jerome.


Since she has come into our lives, she has blessed our family in more ways than I can count. As time has gone by, our friendship has only gotten stronger. I think of her as a second mom.


One day, Debbie called and told me about a trivia-style game that she and her late husband had talked about creating, called “What’s That…” She asked me if I wanted to partner up with her on this business venture to fulfill their dream. I was so impressed and intrigued with the idea and was honored that she wanted me to be a part of something so unique and original. Debbie asked me if I would be interested in doing the finance and marketing side of the business while she did the creative and design side. Since I plan to obtain my business finance degree and love the idea of marketing the business through different avenues, I gladly accepted the offer!


We knew that as Christians and with God at the center of this venture, it would not only be a blessing to us, but to all who play our game! Thank you for supporting our small business and taking the time to read our story. We pray that you are as blessed playing the game, as we have been creating it.

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