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Read the quote twice to the person or people guessing, ask “What’s that (year) movie?” then start the timer!
Emulating the voice, accent, expression and inflection of the character is highly encouraged!

Can’t guess the movie?  Get the hint and lose one point per category.

Still don’t know?  Get the performer’s name and lose another point per category.  
This means zero points for the actor/actress...because you were given their name.

Still at a loss?  Dock one more point per category and get the character’s name.  This will bring your maximum amount of points of 14 down to one.

If any categories are not answered correctly when the time runs out, the opposing players have one guess per category to steal any remaining points.

Bonus Round!  If the player(s) didn’t use any hints, they can get up to five additional points by naming other movies the actor has been point per movie.

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Players:  Have fun with two players...or as many as you want!   Age:  Depends on movie knowledge Time, per round:  You choose!  We recommend 90 seconds per round but this can be adjusted to whatever you choose.

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Movie:  4 points

Character:  3 points

Actor/Actress:  2 points

Bonus: Up to 5 points

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We are fortunate and proud to be able to produce our games at our home office in Washington State instead of outsourcing to different companies.  We appreciate your patience with any possible shipping delays. Thank you for your business and understanding!

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